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The E-FATI T, Electric Fat Trike is the perfect companion for your next adventure. The 24"x4.0" front wheel rolls over anything in your way, and the rear 20"x4.0" wheels lower your center of gravity for stability. The front suspension and suspension seatpost keep you comfortable on rough terrain.

E-FATI T Convenient for everyday use

1. Ideal for shopping
2. Go on a ride without forgetting anything
3. Sport
4. Cycling with reassurance
5. Professional use

1. Ideal for shopping

The E-FATI T tricycle is an ideal solution! Perfectly suited for carrying loads, the tricycle has a large basket attached to the front and rear.
The back basket can usually carry up to 40-50 kilos and the front basket can usually carry up to 10 kilos. So you can easily store your shopping or small finds market while maintaining a fluid driving.

2. Go on a ride without forgetting anything

With an E-FATI T tricycle, you can easily plan a ride with your picnic, and all you need to have a good time in the open air.
No need for a backpack!

3. Do sport

E-FATI T Bike allows you to maintain your fitness while ensuring the balance and stability you need. The frame of the E-FATI T tricycle is designed to be easy to step over.
Thanks to the E-FATI T tricycle, you can exercise safely.

4. Cycling with reassurance

In addition to the stability and comfort offered by an E-FATI T tricycle, it is also more imposing on the road. You will be better seen by users and drive safely.

5. Professional use

Companies, associations and communities of municipalities regularly use 3-wheeled bicycles to move and transport loads.
The E-FATI T tricycle has a greater transport capacity than a conventional bike.

BAFANG 48V 500W / 696Wh
Available colors / Matte Black
CHF 2990.00 (TVA incl.)


48V Bafang motor
Power (max) 500W
Torque (max) 80Nm
Samsung Li-Ion Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 48V 17,4 Ah / 4,5 Kg (835Wh) 25-40 * km
Intelligent Charger 3A Charge Time 6h
Maximum speed at pedaling 25 Km / h
Accelerator handle yes
LCD display 5 levels of assistance
Front LED lighting with stop lights
Frame material Aluminum 6061
Suspension fork
Front Tire 24 "x 4.00
Rear Tires 20 "x 4.00
Mudguards Yes
Rear Basket Max 40-50 kg
Front Basket 10 kilos
Tektro 180mm Disc / Brake disc brakes
Shimano Tourney 7 speed transmission
Sprocket  front  52 teeth
Weight 36 Kg
Dimensions E-fati T
Height 110cm Width 77cm Length 194cm

The indicated prices correspond to the original E-FATI's, without changes.
All modification options such as comfort seats, ergo leather grips, brown or whitewall tires, hydraulic brakes, air fork
as well as the manpower for the realization of the modifications to carry out will be invoiced in addition.
Please ask your dealer for a detailed quote.

Front aluminum rack

Rear aluminum rack

Tektro 180mm disc brakes

Shimano 7 gear

Battery 48V 17,5Ah

5 good reasons to choose us

Foldable Power and comfort

Services and warranty Switzerland

Assembly control in Switzerland

                       Swiss Brand                   


All our E-FATI are equipped with Full Option: Thumb accelerator, LCD screen, Front and rear LED lights with brake light, Bafang engine, Samsung battery, disc brakes, luggage rack, spring and foldable seat post, telescopic fork, fenders, as well as a very reliable Shimano derailleur.

e-fati t
The 3 Critical Components on Electric Bike: Engine, Controller and Battery 
E-FATI Uses:

The famous 500W bafang motor

The famous 20A KT Controller

The famous Samsung Cell 2900mAh


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