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All our E-FATI are equipped with Full Option: Thumb accelerator, LCD screen, Front and rear LED lights with brake light, Bafang engine, Samsung battery, disc brakes, luggage rack, spring and foldable seat post, telescopic fork, fenders, as well as a very reliable Shimano derailleur.


The E-FATI LU electric bikes folding foldable thanks to its big tires, small but strong!
The E-FATI LU with big tires of 4 inches, mounted on rims 20 inches, thus one obtains from the rim to the edge of the tire almost 8 centimeters of air cushion, which makes that to roll with the E-FATI LU is a real pleasure. Once mounted on the E-FATI LU throttle to the right handle allows easy start up to 20km / h without pedaling, so pedaling is the choice of a person.
E-FATI LU is the foldable electric bicycle version with a Unise frame geometry, x 36V battery 14,5 Ah / 17,4Ah expandable according to the requirements of the trip and the daily use. It is located in the back part, under the saddle along the vertical bar of the frame.

The Unisex frame with a low entrance, very practical in the city because at a stop or a red light it is easier to take its support down the bike. The preference of women ... and of small people.
To meet the demand of our customers, we have prepared a Model E-FATI LU with unisex geometry

BAFANG 36V 500W / 522Wh / 630Wh
Available colors White - Matte Black

In stock

The indicated prices correspond to the original E-FATI's, without changes.
All modification options such as comfort seats, ergo leather grips, brown or whitewall tires, hydraulic brakes, air fork
as well as the manpower for the realization of the modifications to carry out will be invoiced in addition.
Please ask your dealer for a detailed quote.

User Manual

CHF 1999.00 (VAT incl.)  36v 14,5Ah 522Wh
CHF 2199.00 (VAT incl.)  36v 17,4 Ah 630Wh


Bafang motor 36V
Power (max) 500W
Torque (max) 80Nm
Samsung Li-Ion Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 36V 14,5 Ah / 3,5 Kg (522Wh) 30-60 * km / Charging time 5h
Battery Capacity 36V  17,4 Ah / 4Kg (630Wh)  40-80 * km / Charging time 6h
Intelligent Charger 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 3A
Maximum speed at pedaling 25 Km / h
Accelerator handle yes
LCD display 5 levels of assistance
Front LED lighting with stop lights
Frame material Aluminum 6061
Suspended fork
Tires 20 "x 4.00 Kenda
Mudguards Yes
Luggage rack Max 25Kg
Tektro 180mm Disc / Brake disc brakes
Shimano Tourney 7 speed transmission
Tray Av 52 teeth
Weight 25 Kg
Dimensions E-fati L Height 120cm Width 60cm Length 178cm
Dimensions E-fati L Folded Height 75cm Width 54cm Length 110cm

Important information !!!

For people with a high weight (from 95Kg) and tall (from 1m85) longer and reinforced saddle seatposts are made specially, without spring.
This is to prevent the frame of E-FATI from being damaged.
No extra charge.
Please specify when ordering.

Carrying Bag For E-FATI / L / LU / SU / S
Designed for the transport and protection of your E-FATI in means of transport such as trains, campingcar, automobiles.

from  Novembre 2019
PRICE: 80.00 CHF

E-FATI Battery with USB can charge your phone.


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Driving licence withdrawal

Driving licence withdrawal ?

Ride on Electric Bike E-FATI!
Authorized in case of withdrawal of license - 25km / h

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