Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications DETEC, Federal Office for Roads OFROU

- Liste des principales prescriptions concernant l’admission et l’utilisation de cyclomoteurs et de vélos-taxis électriques (État au 1er février 2019)
- Vorschriften zu Motorfahrraedern, langsamen E-Bikes, E-Trottinetten, E-Rikschas (Stand 1.02.2019)

All E-fati electric bicycles are Swiss compliant, which means that the pedaling assistance can not bring you to more than 25 km / h, to exceed this speed you will have to press the pedals!

Unbridled E-fati is no longer under warranty (neither by the manufacturer nor by the store).
Unbridging his electric bike will invalidate the homologation of it, and totally forbidden on public roads.

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