An E-fati Bike always offers better performance when serviced by experts.
That's why it's important to have it inspected and serviced at the recommended deadlines at a dedicated E-fati Maintenance Center.

To maintain your E-fati in perfect condition, you must make periodic maintenance visits to your E-fati partner. These visits must be made at the following milestones or times (whichever comes first) from the date the bike was delivered to its first owner.

Our network of authorized repair and maintenance centers offers you its unparalleled experience of the maintenance of E-fati bikes.
Authorized service centers comply with E-fati's stringent standards of quality and service.

E-FATI maintenance

The E-FATI electrically assisted bicycle remains above all a bicycle and the elements to be maintained are quite similar. E-FATI informs you about the points to check to properly maintain your electric bike:


During the winter period or if you do not use your E-FATI for a long time (2-3 weeks), the battery should be removed from the bike.
The battery should then be stored at room temperature in the apartment (approximately 20 ° C).
If the battery is not used for a long time, it will discharge.
It will therefore be necessary to charge at regular intervals.

The E-FATI are equipped with SAMSUNG Lithium-Ion battery. These batteries have no memory effect and you do not need to drain the battery before recharging it.
If you drain your Lithium-Ion battery completely and regularly, it can even be damaged.


Due to the higher stresses than on a conventional bicycle, it will be necessary to be vigilant and regularly check the chain.

Remember to lubricate your chain regularly with chain oil
To avoid stress on the chain, you must also make sure to change the gears according to the route as on a “classic” bicycle.

If you delay changing your chain, the sprockets will damage more quickly.
It will therefore also be necessary to replace your cassette or even your tray.
There are tools to easily check chain wear.


Due to the heavier weight, the brake pads of electric bikes will need to be changed more often.

To maintain performance, we recommend that you carry out maintenance operations regularly (changing the chain, checking the brakes, etc.) The battery is an expensive component that must also be taken care of: keep the battery warm, do not empty it entirely….

What are the routine maintenance operations?

To ensure proper operation of your E-FATI, see below for the maintenance operations to be carried out regularly.

    1. Pedaling sensor: check that the pedaling sensor does not shift. Clean the sensor with a cloth if there is mud.
    2. Spokes: check whether some spokes are relaxed. You can tighten them with a spoke wrench (1/8 turn for each spoke).
    3. Tire pressure: check the pressure and general condition of the tires 1,8 BAR.
    4. Washing: Regular washing helps maintain good condition.

E-FATI Hibernation

Store your E-FATI in a place protected from humidity and cold.

Before letting your E-FATI hibernate:

It is strongly recommended that you do not fully charge the battery before storing it.
A load around 60% is ideal.
store the battery in a dry place at room temperature (+ - 20 °);
even without use, the battery will discharge naturally.
Consider putting it on charge every two months;
before taking out your E-FATI at the approach of sunny days, do a complete overhaul with an E-FATI partner.

Maintenance of the E-FATI in cold weather

It is not so much the cold that can attack your E-FATI bike but rather the dirt and salt that collects on the roads. To prevent corrosion of the derailleur, your wiring or connections, a simple long-bristled brush and washing up liquid are sufficient. Remember to dry your bike after cleaning it.

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