Looking for a preparer for your E-FATI?
Fancy an exclusive bike that you don't see anywhere else?

E-FATI preparation - by OCOBIKE specialized in the E-FATI brand
Ocobike is a Swiss preparer specializing in personalization and preparation for E-FATI.
Since 2016, that offers transformations combining sportiness, refinement and sobriety with the aim of obtaining a unique and personal E-FATI.
E-FATI Personalization and Preparation
Based on E-FATI, Ocobike offers aesthetic personalization and technical improvement programs.
You would no longer drive a standard E-FATI but a unique OCOBIKE.


180mm hydraulic brakes
Vee Speedster tires
Powder Coating
Aluminum telescopic forks with locking system
Disassembly and Assembly

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